Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any previous experience to take part?

Absolutely not! Barre is an inclusive workout with optional levels offered throughout the class. I will guide you through the class in a clear and concise way and encourage you to take the option that will suit you best - please email or send a message if you have any further questions

What effect will it have on my body?

By attending regular barre classes, you will notice an increase in strength, flexibility and cardio endurance. Your coordination will improve and you will have a better awareness of your posture and how to maintain it. You're bound to experience the famous 'barre burn' more than once in a class - and that's when the magic really starts to happen!

What actually is Barre?

Barre is a low impact workout inspired by ballet, pilates and yoga. Through the use of light weights, high repetitions and the aid of a 'barre' for support (this can be a chair!) each class is choreographed to achieve a full body workout (unless specified). For more information on Barre and the benefits of the class, click here 

What equipment do I need?

For the classic series of barre:

You will need a chair to use as your barre (or a substitute) - this will support you throughout the class so it should be sturdy.


I also encourage participants to use hand weights during the class. These can vary from 0.5kg (a tin of beans!) up to 2kg. I use 1.5kg in the majority of my classes and I can confirm that it is more than enough! However, if you choose not to use the weights, you will still be working the arms by use of correct placement.


It is up to you if you would like to use a mat for the floor work section at the end.   

How often should I be taking the class? 

The answer for this question will vary with each individual and I encourage you to get in touch if you are unsure! You should consider your lifestyle, your experience level, how active you already are and ensure you allow your body time to recover in between workouts.


Barre classes can be intense and as a general answer, I would recommend a minimum of taking 2 classes a week to feel the benefits of the class and if you are looking to take on more I would suggest a maximum of 4 classes per week to allow your body time to rest and avoid too much repetitive movement. Please do get in touch if you would like any guidance on this.    

Is Barre safe to do when pregnant?

The most recent research shows that the positives of exercising whilst pregnant far outweigh the negatives, however, every pregnancy is different and your body is constantly adapting and changing throughout each trimester. 


Barre is often the class of choice with many pregnant women because it is a low impact class and can be adapted to the client's particular needs.  


If you are pregnant and looking to take a class, please get in touch and we can discuss what option may be best for you.


How do I cancel my membership?

'The Best of Barre' is a monthly subscription however you can cancel at anytime, free of charge. 

Can I get a refund on a package I have purchased?

Refunds are not permitted for unused/missed classes. Only under extenuating circumstances will a refund be considered.